Easy and direct into your mountain sports adventure with swissrent

Five steps to the slopes. The simple and clear system from swissrent makes mountain sports rental child’s play. Fast, simple, reliable.

Are you looking for the right rental material for the perfect day? With swissrent you have made the right decision . Five small steps are all that’s required to start your own personal mountain adventure.

Beautiful mountain weather, freshly fallen snow, perfectly groomed slopes - and just no mountain sports material available to take advantage of these dream conditions? No problem. With the rental system from swissrent, you can quickly, easily and comfortably be optimally equipped for your personal mountain adventure. The start to a perfect Winters day at swissrent is just five small steps away.

Step 1: Enter the location and date on the swissrent website or on the swissrent App so that we know where and when you need your rental equipment.

Step 2: Choose your desired rental partner; all of which are located in the most beautiful mountainous areas in Switzerland.

Step 3: Specify how many people you want rental equipment for.

Step 4: Select your preferred rental material from the swissrent star system. A system in which the different ski and price categories are clearly listed and divided.

Step 5: Select your payment type, confirm your purchase and pick up your material directly from the selected swissrent partner in the mountain resort. And then, off to the slopes!

Where a great day starts