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The new swissrent Bike Challenge offers a unique mix of adventure, nature, competition and lots of fun. The all-inclusive adventure product allows you to participate in a very special mountain experience. The aim of the challenge is to scan all the QR codes along the route from Zizers(Landquart) to the Calanda Hut at more than 2000 meters above sea level, thus successfully completing the task. This challenge can be tackled individually as well as in groups. Likewise, it is also is up to the individual whether or not they want to share their summit assault time with other Challenge participants via a Strava segment. Either way, with an ÖKK goodie bag or mileage credit to the popular swissrent Rewards-Program mountainmiles Challenges offers a range of attractive rewards to the participants.

Registrations are now open online or in-app. And thus with or without the package booking of travel (including a CHF 30.- SBB voucher), on-site transfer and rental equipment.

A my swissrent account and the latest version of the swissrent-App (3.0) required to complete the challenge

Dave Kilshaw's Calanda Challenge

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Your own personal bike adventure starts by Registering for the swissrent Challenge.
No matter where from - thanks to the SBB travel package, you'll be up and running in no time.
Fun, sweat, pride and an unforgettable experience - you will experience all this at Dave Kilshaw's Calanda Challenge.
Whether an ÖKK goodie bag, mountainmiles miles credits or raffle prizes - the winner is you.

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